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Robin Abello

I've had similar thoughts about the Choosing Civility campaign. My initial reaction to seeing the campaign stickers was why do adults even need to be reminded to be civil. I brought up the subject to friends and they said that in today's day and age, adults *do* need to be reminded to be civil. But I think *rules* as you imply can often make us feel like robots following a set of instructions. Rules work to some extent but over time, there should be no need for rules if one really understands and believes that what they're doing is for the greater good. In fact isn't there really just one rule to follow --- love your neighbor as yourself? If we truly understand and believe that rule and it becomes a way of life, everything else will follow.

real live preacher

The funny thing about campaigns like this is that they have almost NO net effect on the behavior of anyone. People who understand civility are already living this way. Those that don't are no living as jerks because they just don't understand the rules.

What ends up happening, I think, is that a public stating of the rules is a kind of public stating of a value. We value civility - at least most of us. It might serve some value in keeping this in our consciousness. But that's about it.

Neal Buck

I definitely agree. I've been wanting to somehow make a public announcement (maybe during the Super Bowl) for everyone to "Stop! Wake Up and Pay Attention!" We seem to be in such a compulsive spiral to increase speed and push profits up, leaving everyone else in the dust. We seem to be stuck in our own little world, where we don't know what's going on or don't care. So yes, we need to pay attention, but of course, we need to look at each other (and ourselves) with the kind of love Jesus showed in his life.

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